# 1    Lonnie J. Hannah  II  center    38

         Mansfield, Texas

# 2    Brian Ruhe     defense     27

         Chicago, Illinois

# 4    Sylvester (Sly) Flis    defense    27

         Chicago, Illinois

# 5    Matt Coppens    winger    30

         Richton Park, Illinois

# 7    James Dunham   defense    38

         Garland, Texas

#12   “Kip” St. Germaine defense 36

          Sagamore, Massachusetts

#14    Patrick Byrne    winger    36

          Chicago, Illinois

#15    Jack Sanders    winger    43

          Pekin, Illinois

#19    Josh Wirt    winger      17

          Brush Valley, Pennsylvania

#20    Dave Conklin    center    46

          La Crosse, Wisconsin

#22    Dan Henderson    defense    37

          Chicago, Illinois

#23    Joe Howard    winger    35

          Brockton, Massachusetts

#33    Robert (Pat) Sapp    goalie    48

          Rockwall, Texas

#44    Chris Manns    winger, 21

          Buffalo, New York

#67    Manuel Guerra   goalie    34

          Minneapolis, Minnesota

The 2002 United States Paralympic

Sled Hockey Team

  Sled Shots

Coach Rick Middleton

A 14-year veteran of the NHL, Rick “Nifty” Middleton brought an inexhaustible knowledge of hockey to the U.S. Sled Hockey coaching position.

Rick began his professional hockey career as a first-round draft pick for the New York Rangers in 1974. He capped off his debut season with rookie of the year honors for the Providence Reds in the American Hockey League. He took his skills as a high-scoring winger to the Boston Bruins in 1976, completing a hat trick in his debut game in a Boston uniform. By 1985, he had taken his place as the team’s co-captain. A three-time NHL All-Star, Rick skated in over 1000 regular season games and over 100 playoff matches, scoring almost 500 goals during his impressive career.



U.S. Olympic & Paralympic

           Hall of Fame

On the 20th anniverary of its historic gold medal win, the 2002 U.S. Paralympic Sled Hockey Team was inducted into the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Hall of Fame.

The ceremony took place at the Colorado Springs Olympic & Paralympic Museum in June. The sled hockey team was the first Paralympic team to receive Hall of Fame honors.

Goalie Manuel Guerra accepted the award on behalf of the team:

a documentary film