It is  one of the best sports stories that hasn't been told and it just might be the greatest in the history of disabled sports.

In 2001, the U.S. Paralympic Sled Hockey team was considered an afterthought. After a dismal last place showing at the 2000 World Cup Games, it was obvious that the American squad was no match for such top contenders as Norway, Canada and Sweden.

Ranked sixth out of six among the international teams going to the 2002 Paralympic Games at Salt Lake, their chances were slim. But the U.S. players were undeterred.  And they had an ace in the hole -- NHL great Rick Middleton who could have easily breezed by on his laurels as an all-star Boston Bruin, but instead devoted a year to coaching this team.

Middleton taught them hockey and the experience taught them that with the right determination and dedication -- miracles can happen.  And in 2002, they shocked the world at the Salt Lake Games.  

This is their story.

  Sled Shots            

Speed Trumps Disability



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