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Never Dull Productions is a Los Angeles/New York-based company involved in all aspects of entertainment production, including film, video, publishing, theatre and special events.  

Though Never Dull Productions is rooted in the entertainment field, the company is continously involved with projects in the social issues arena. In particular, the subject of disability --  both within the sports world and the arts -- has always been a passion subject for  founding partners Cynthia Mulkern and Chris Koseluk.

Never Dull Productions has shot footage at the 1992, 1994, 1996, 1998, 2002 and 2006 Paralympic games. The partners have shot as an independent production company, as producers for the USOC, the IPC and as Turner Sports staff. Footage was used in the A&E presentation of the “Salt Lake City Paralympic Games”-- a series of broadcasts hosted by Harry Smith and Joan Lunden. The company’s Paralympic footage has also appeared on CBS, A&E, CNN, ESPN, WNET, Prime Sports, several international outlets, and has been used by the United States Olympic Committee and the Canadian Paralympic Committee to promote their disabled programs; and at the White House as part of the ceremony honoring Olympic and Paralympic athletes. The IPC called upon Never Dull Productions to capture exclusive athlete interviews and behind-the-scenes footage of the Torino Paralympic Games. Its video of  LA Marathon wheelchair competitors was featured on ParalympicSport.TV

A special Never Dull Production presentation of the Paralympic World Cup aired exclusively on ESPNU in 2008. A one-hour project licensed from the BBC by Edgy Sports, LLC (a division of Never Dull), the Manchester-based event featured many of the world’s top athletes with disabilities, including several Paralympic gold medal winners.

To spotlight its disabled sports videos, Never Dull Productions launched the Edgy Sports YouTube Channel:

Prior to the formation of the company, the partners were the only U.S. independent video producers at the 1994 Paralympic Games in Lillehammer, Norway and one of the few U.S. video producers at the 1992 Barcelona Paralympic Games.

Never Dull Productions is currently in post production on “Sled Shots” - a television documentary about the 2002 United States Olympic Sled Hockey Team. “Sled Shots” is one of several projects Never Dull Productions is currently developing.

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